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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Juniper confessed to killing ex-girlfriend and kids, inmate testifies ( Online)

Juniper confessed to killing ex-girlfriend and kids, inmate testifies ( Online): "Juniper confessed to killing ex-girlfriend and kids, inmate testifies
� January 10, 2005 | Last updated 6:37 PM Jan. 10

NORFOLK � Over a game of chess in a jail medical ward, Anthony Juniper confessed to another inmate that he had killed Keshia Stephens, according to testimony today.
Juniper, 33, is standing trial for murder in the deaths of Stephens, his 27-year-old ex-girlfriend; her brother, Ruben E. Harrison III, 19; and her daughters, Nykia , 4, and Shearyia, 2. The four were found dead last January in Stephens� apartment on Kingston Avenue. If convicted, Juniper faces the death penalty.
Juniper�s chess partner, Ernest Smith, testified wearing the black-and-white stripes of the Norfolk City Jail. He said he met Juniper in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail, where they were both being held in October. "

Monday, January 10, 2005

Sasikiran wins, inches closer to chess title

Sasikiran wins, inches closer to chess title: "Sasikiran wins, inches closer to chess title:
[Sports India]: New Delhi, Jan 9 : Grandmaster (GM) Krishnan Sasikiran (8.5 points) Sunday moved closer to the 3rd Parsvnath International Open Chess title with a convincing penultimate round win over GM R.B. Ramesh (7.5) here.

Following Sasikiran at 8.0 points are GMs Abhijit Kunte, Enamul Hossain, Anton Filippov and Saptarshi Roy.

Talented R. Balasubramaniam from Chennai too had his moment of glory as he made his final International Master (IM) norm with his win over M.B. Muralidharan of Kerala at Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra here.

Significantly, all the three IM Norms of Balasubramaniam have come at the Parsvnath sponsored events in New Delhi. " | 01/09/2005 | At chess tourney, girls call the shots | 01/09/2005 | At chess tourney, girls call the shots: "Posted on Sun, Jan. 09, 2005

At chess tourney, girls call the shots


By S.L. Wykes

Mercury News

The girls who came to play at a girls-only chess tournament in Menlo Park on Saturday had no doubt they could take on any opponent. In their midst were Rozsa and Maria Ignacz, 14-year-old twins from Hungary whose chess federation ratings rank them among their age group's top players -- male or female.
But the odds are pretty good that at a tournament dominated by boys, chess matches would not have approached conclusion with the soft ``Queen, please,'' that was one girl's request.
``You know how boys play rough?'' asked Kali Navea-Huff. ``Sometimes they play chess like that, too.''"

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Nation Newspaper Barbados

Nation Newspaper Barbados: "UWI aiming to keep chess lead clear - Friday 07, January-2005
THE University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus will be seeking to maintain their lead when the Barbados Chess Federation�s (BCF) inaugural Tertiary and Secondary Premier League tournament continues at the 3Ws Oval Pavilion today from 7 p.m.
In Wednesday�s first round, Kofi Hinds, Christopher Boyce, Kevin Allman and former women�s champion Thea Corbin all recorded victories to put the university students on top with eight points.
Lodge, one of the two top under-20 teams from the United Insurance Inter-School tournament, are in second place on six points, with wins from Martyn Del Castilho, Craigg Clermond and Kyle St Hill.
The Barbados Community College are third on four points through victories by Dominic Del Castilho and Anthony Francis-Worrell.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, BCF�s president, Dr David Jordan congratulated the UWI students for starting a chess club.
�This is a timely occasion as tertiary institutions are recognising the importance of acknowledging sports much more into their academic programmes,� Dr Jordan said.
Queen�s College are the other team in the tournament which will be contested over five rounds. "

Birthday boy Sasikiran takes lead in Parsvnath chess

Birthday boy Sasikiran takes lead in Parsvnath chess: "Birthday boy Sasikiran takes lead in Parsvnath chess:
[Sports India]: New Delhi, Jan 7 : Top seeded Grandmaster (GM) Krishnan Sasikiran chose his birthday to shoot into the lead in the 3rd Parsvnath International Open Chess tournament at Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra here Friday.

Sasikiran, who stared the day by cutting a cake, beat International Master (IM) R.R. Laxman to take his tally to 6.5 points from seven rounds, half a point ahead of second-placed bunch of GM Abhijit Kunte, Enamul Hossain, Deep Sengupta and S. Satyapragyan.

With both players willing to fight, the game culminated in a rook and minor piece ending. Laxman had his chances to hold the top seed to a draw, but misplayed and lost the game in 66 moves in a Nimzo Indian game. "


ABS-CBNNEWS.COM: "Jayson places fourth in oldest chess event
TODAY Chess Columnist
International Master Jayson Gonzales missed his second grandmaster�s norm by half a point but ended his quest with a flourish at the prestigious Hastings International Congress in England�the oldest chess tournament in the world�on Thursday (Friday in Manila).
The Filipino IM posted his fourth straight win in the ninth round, with White against veteran Serbian GM Milos Pavlovic, and then drew with Black against English GM Nicholas Pert in the 10th to tie for fourth to eighth in the Challengers� section.
Gonzales, who earned his first GM norm in Spain, had a score of 7.0 at Hastings�just half a point behind Challenger champion, Uzbek GM Alexei Barsov, and his two runners-up, Ukrainian GM Valeriy Neverov and Polish IM Monika Socko norm.
Russian GM Vladimir Belov won the top prize in the Premier section of the Hastings Congress by winning the playoffs, 1.5-0.5, against Polish GM Bartosz Socko. "

Friday, January 07, 2005

Laxman emerges sole leader in Parsvnath chess

Laxman emerges sole leader in Parsvnath chess: "Laxman emerges sole leader in Parsvnath chess:
[India News]: New Delhi, Jan 6 : International Master (IM) Raja Ram Laxman wrested the sole lead with 5 points from as many rounds in the 3rd Parsvnath International Open Chess tournament at Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra here Thursday.

Playing the queen pawn opening with a symmetrical position, Chennai-based Laxman grabbed the initiative early and applied constant pressure on Preetham.

Exchanging pieces in the middle game at the right time, Laxman transposed the game into a winning knight and pawn ending and sewed up the full point in 63 moves." News - Latest News - Clarke Makes A Move - to A Chess Tournament News - Latest News - Clarke Makes A Move - to A Chess Tournament

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Monterey County Herald | 01/06/2005 | FIRST MOVE IN THE SCHWARZENEGGER GAMBIT


Looming over lawmakers is the governor's threat to turn to voters if Democrats ignore his appeal


San Jose Mercury News

SACRAMENTO - As a longtime chess aficionado, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger knows how to look across the playing field, think three steps ahead and only show an opponent an opening move.
Heading into the second year of his term, the Republican governor made his first move Wednesday night in what might be called the Schwarzenegger Gambit: Offer a friendly handshake, immediately put your challenger on the defensive and prepare to seize the board.
In his State of the State address, Schwarzenegger offered a hand of compromise to Democrats, but left no doubt that he plans to press ahead with his reform agenda -- with or without them.
By declaring an immediate special session, Schwarzenegger started the short clock for lawmakers to consider his contentious plans to tighten state spending controls, redraw political boundaries, overhaul bloated state retirement programs and revamp California's troubled school systems.
Looming over lawmakers is Schwarzenegger's threat to turn to voters if Democrats ignore his appeal.
'If we here in this chamber don't work together to reform the government, then the people will rise up and reform it themselves,' Schwarzenegger told lawmakers gathered in the Assembly chambers. 'And, you know something, I will join them. And I will fight with them.'
That threat has worked wonderfully for Schwarzenegger so far. He used the prospect of a workers compensation ballot measure to convince lawmakers to change the system themselves. He turned to the ballot box last fall to kill off challenges to his gambling deals w"

IOL: Sport

IOL: Sport: " South Africa boasts seven chess geniuses

January 05 2005 at 06:34PM

Heinrich Stander, a grade 10 pupil from the Waterkloof Ho�rskool, made history by winning the Africa Junior Chess Championship recently in Lusaka, Zambia.

By winning this tournament, the 15-year-old has earned the title of International Master (IM) and will be awarded the title of Grandmaster.

These accolades are extremely prestigious and are sanctioned by the world chess body Fide. There are now seven IMs in South Africa.

The leading superstar IM is Soweto-based IM Watu Kobese, who was the coach and trainer of Stander.

Stander will now represent Africa in the World Junior Chess Championships of 2005.

To participate in the Africa event Stander beat 1 200 juniors. The event was held in Johannesburg in November."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005 - Chess News - Radjabov: Kasparov is obstructing my career - Chess News - Radjabov: Kasparov is obstructing my career: "Radjabov: Kasparov is obstructing my career
05.01.2005 We've heard this before: players who are not receiving the attention they feel they deserve, or who have been left out of a tournament (Linares?) it is traditional to blame it on Kasparov. Which is what Garry's 'clone', the ex wonder boy from Baku, Azerbaijan, is now doing, in an interview on the web site Day.Az. We bring you a translation."

Pandora's Box

What started out so innocently a couple of month ago has developed into something akin to pandora's box.

My chess site was originally intended as a
brief overview of the different aspects of chess. It has almost developed into a second full time job.

I just couldn,t be content with just putting up another amateuirsh looking site . -
Oh No I had to dig deeper and deeper into the different subjects.

I couldn't use tables for my design-
Oh No I had to dig deeper and deeper into css style sheets. ( considering the fact I couldn't write a single line of html code 6 month ago seems like a real bright idea in hindsight)

By the way I know I am not going to win any design awards -anybody care to comment ?

And just to make sure that it will become a full time job I just couldn,t be content to let the site just sit there -
Oh No now I am determined (after all the work I have put in) that the site has to rank well in the Serach Engines.

If nothing else this project has kept me mentally alive.
Oh by the way did I mention I am actually a lousy chess player; just fascinated by it.

Finally got around to designing and publishing my review site for the Chess Commander
program. Probably one of the most useful chess software games for a pc out there for a new or inexperienced player that wants to improve his game or find a easy set into the world of email chess